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The story behind BLOBS

Duck blob

The first blobs

One day I had a practice session on my new tablet. I just drew a random shape and put a mouth, an eye and some effects on it.
It was such fun, so I made some more.
When Edwin saw them he was immediately enthusiastic, and saw that these funny colorful drawings were very suitable for a card game he had in mind.

The very first drawing (above) didn't make the game because of being too different, but the second (left below) did.

Purple dancerSo it started.

Very soon afterwards the was a prototype card game (with only a few illustrations) and a team of test players to try it.

Meanwhile I was drawing 70 (+) unique blob creatures with the abilities of the cards in mind. Some cards are even based on the illustration.

Many games later and very much fun the card game of BLOBS was a fact.