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The rules of BLOBS

BLOB Cards

A blob card has the following properties.

1. A name.
2. A positive or negative base value in victory points.
3. One (or any number of) color(s).
4. Actions in text, which may be any of the following types:
     a. One-off effect action
A one-off effect action is performed when a blob is played
     b. Permanent action
A permanent action is always in effect as long as the blob is in a room
     c. Start action
A start action is performed at the start of the blob owner’s turn
     d. End action
An end action is performed at the end of the blob owner’s turn
     e. Response action
A response action specifies a condition when a blob can be played in response to a blob played by another player

Card elements

Colors are also represented by symbols that include the victory points. The following symbols are used.

KLeuren en vormen Protoblob


The back of the card is used as a protoblob with value 1.